Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Yes, Indeed, I Love wearing GAMIS!
Selain simple, it is so MUSLIMAH BANGETS gitu lho!
But don't forget to wear legging inside the Gamis yah!

Here's some pics which I wear GAMIS and teteup..Gaya, hehehe...!

Look! Ii wear a dark red spandex gamis, actually there's a flower application right in the chest side, but it's covered by my hijab, can  not be seen :p. IT IS JUST GAMIS, but so lovely and comfort to be worn daily activities especially in HOT JAKARTA!:D
I also love the square scarf, the motif is so beautiful.

These photos was taken in Mesjid Raya kantor Pusat Bea & Cukai by my nephew (Abit).  Hehehe..while waiting for my Hubby finishing his job, we took some pics. :p

Theose 2 pics were taken while before going to Pengajian at PuloMas. SOme of my Gamis are made from spandex fabric, but I also like denim fabric. 

This is the newest pic lho! taken before going to neighboor home for Pengajian (menjelang pernikahan).  I wore gamis inside lho, still spandex, but in order keep on stylist I combined with sifon cardigan, Love this cardigan, karena bermodel banget bentuknya.

Jeung Ririe

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